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            detailed information

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            • Product introduction
            • Technical advantages
            • engineering application

            Product introduction

            Nept-dz-2a multifunctional homogenizer is specially developed and designed for testing the uniform coal quality of coal samples in the coal industry. The equipment makes full use of the test requirements of coal samples and the process characteristics of coal sample preparation, combined with the three-dimensional motion model of homogenizer, realizes the uniform mixing of coal samples, reduces the probability of random error in test, and improves the accuracy of test results, so as to avoid the poor reproducibility of test data caused by uneven coal samples to the greatest extent.
            Nept-dz-2a multifunctional homogenizer is mainly composed of machine base, driving system, three-dimensional motion mechanism, homogenization barrel and electrical control system.

            technical parameter

            System characteristics

            The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, which is simple and beautiful. The main features are as follows:
            (1) The multi-dimensional movement of the homogeneous bucket has many material mixing points, remarkable effect and high mixing uniformity.
            (2) The automatic mixing time can be flexibly adjusted according to the user's different operation habits and different coal sample characteristics.
            (3) The coal samples are mixed in a closed state, with low vibration, low noise and no pollution.
            (4) The equipment has the advantages of small volume, low height, small rotation space and strong environmental adaptability. It is suitable for most laboratories.
            (5) Easy installation and maintenance, long service life.
            (6) The equipment can be controlled by remote control and has the function of remote start and stop.