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            detailed information

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            • Product introduction
            • Technical advantages
            • engineering application
            Product introduction

            Nept-csfs-01 coal sample screening system is an intelligent large-scale coal sample screening system developed by our company to change the traditional screening method of coal samples (manual bucket searching and code scanning selection) and minimize personnel work and labor intensity. It is applicable to the screening and identification of mechanical coal mining samples in electric power, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, geology, environmental protection, scientific research institutions and other industries.
            The coal sample screening device is mainly composed of sorting turntable platform, cover removal device, feeding mechanism, empty barrel recovery platform, empty barrel recovery device, frame components and electric control system.

            technical parameter

            System characteristics

            Nept-csfs-01 briquette sample screening system is mainly characterized by accurate control process, automatic sorting and feeding, and diversified customization of the system.
            Accurate control process: PLC control system, electric control system and other drive control cores are adopted to maximize the control accuracy and intelligence of the system.
            Automatic sorting and feeding: after the coal sample barrel is transported to the platform, the whole process is automatically implemented without personnel intervention, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and human problems.
            Diversified customization of the system: the system takes "openness" as the principle to realize the customizability of functions. At the same time, the equipment can be modularized and customized according to the spatial layout, working mode and feed inlet position of the on-site equipment.

            Field implementation cases

            Guodian Jianbi coal sample screening device