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            detailed information

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            • Product introduction
            • Technical advantages
            • engineering application

            Product introduction

            Nept-ipbs-01 intelligent barrel packaging system is an intelligent coal sample packaging system developed by our company aiming at the problems of operation deviation and human intervention in the process of use, transmission and transportation of woven bag seam mode, plastic barrel sealing aluminum film mode, stainless steel barrel sealing mode and other packaging modes of traditional coal mining samples (13mm or 6mm coal samples collected by sampling machine). It is applicable to the packaging and marking of coal mining samples in electric power, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, geology, environmental protection, scientific research institutions and other industries.
            The intelligent barrel packaging system is mainly composed of barrel inlet platform, rotary table unit, weighing and coding unit, gland unit, barrel outlet platform, and electric control system.

            technical parameter

            System characteristics

            The main features of nept-ipbs-01 intelligent barrel packaging system are: intelligent process, diversified methods, simplified operation and maintenance, humanized sampling and customizable system.
            (1) Process intelligence
            The IPBs system automatically memorizes the status of each station. The station status can be divided into no barrel, empty barrel, loading, full, sealed, problem barrel, etc., so as to realize the intelligent management of coal sample barrel.
            (2) Diversification of ways
            The working mode of IPBs system can be divided into automatic mode and semi-automatic mode. In the automatic mode, "one package, one seal, one delivery and one repair" and "multiple packages, multiple seals, multiple delivery and multiple repair" are supported. In semi-automatic mode, it supports automatic multi barrel feeding, automatic multi barrel discharging, etc.
            (3) Simplification of operation and maintenance
            IPBs system adopts fault-tolerant technology and makes statistical analysis on the types of faults. For non fatal faults, fault tolerance will not affect the operation of the system.
            (4) Humanization of sampling
            Based on the concept of "humanization", IPBs system realizes automatic barrel entry and automatic barrel exit, which reduces the labor intensity of sampling personnel.
            (5) The system can be customized
            IPBs system takes "openness" as the principle to realize the customizability of functions. The operator can set the number of barrels out, the number of barrels in, the amount of coal in a single barrel, the sampling time and other relevant parameters as required. Once the parameters are set, there is no need for manual intervention in the whole working process.

            Field implementation cases

            Intelligent barrel packaging system of Guodian Jianbi Power Plant