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            detailed information

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            • Product introduction
            • Technical advantages
            • engineering application

            Product introduction

            Coal fired full-automatic prototype is an important part of the intelligent fuel management system. Its main purpose is to use modern automatic control and computer technology, combined with advanced mechanical design, to manufacture a full-automatic prototype to replace the backward and uncontrollable manual sample preparation methods and reduce the labor intensity and operation cost.
            The sample preparation process of zyj-03 coal-fired full-automatic preparation prototype meets the requirements of national standards such as gb-474 coal sample preparation method and gbt19494.22004 mechanized coal sampling part II coal sample preparation. It realizes the sample preparation processes such as automatic weighing, iron removal, transportation, crushing, shrinkage, drying, transfer, sample packaging, reading / writing code, temporary storage and transportation of waste materials, and finally provides 6mm full water sample, 3mm stored sample 0.2mm general analysis sample, the sample quantity can be customized, the coal sample preparation procedure is standardized and reliable, and the operation process is unattended. It can be widely used in coal, electric power, chemical industry, scientific research institutions and other industries.

            technical parameter

            System characteristics

            (1) The system adopts modular design, with compact structure, small floor area and convenient and flexible layout.
            (2) The system can prepare all water samples, stored samples and analytical samples, and the number of samples can be customized according to customer needs.
            (3) A new type of screen roller crusher is adopted for raw coal crushing, the screen plate and screen strip are eliminated, and the screen mesh is with circular groove

            There is no dead angle and residual material between the roller shafts to ensure the discharge particle size and the blockage of wet coal. The crusher is suitable for large moisture.

            (4) 6mm and 3mm are cut and divided, and the division ratio can be adjusted according to the incoming material weight to ensure the discharge quality. The reduction ratio is 0-100, and the reduction range is wide. All the separators are made of stainless steel, and there are no residual dead corners inside, so there will be no problems of material accumulation and residue.
            (5) 0.2mm pulverizing adopts vibration grinding without screen, which is simple and reliable with less later maintenance.
            (6) The negative pressure cleaning method is adopted for 0.2mm cleaning, which effectively avoids the residue of coal samples and solves the problem of sample mixing.
            (7) The dust collection system adopts water film dust removal mode, with advanced technology and high dust removal efficiency.
            (8) The success rate of self-developed capping machine is 100%.
            (9) The control system is designed by Siemens smart, and the remote monitoring system is developed by iFIX configuration software, which can be seamlessly connected with the fuel management and control system of the power plant.

            Field implementation cases

                                                                  Chongguang power plant project site                                                         Zuoquan power plant project site